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The Custom Tree Sculpture


The client commissioned me to create a "fantasy style"  Cherry Blossom tree with her birth stone incorporated into the sculpture.

As with all my prospective clients we had a brief consultation to get an understanding of her vision and hopes for the desired piece. I asked questions about colour preferences and memories that evoked positive feelings. For example, a swing she had in her back garden as a child or an object she loves. We decided on placing an Amethyst, her birth stone into the rocks of the base. 

Below are a few other examples of commissioned and personal works I have completed including size comparison for reference. Some are still available to purchase.

Size Comparison And request

This is a handmade tree build from scratch, Hand painted and designed by me and the client for the client.

This is a personal one of a kind tree. If you would like one of your own contact me here and I will get back to you with a free consult.

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