Lyle Adams

Minnie Street

Conceptual breakdown:

Looking at the structural makeup of a house, we identify it with "comfort, warmth and security". Taking it one step further we play on the idea of family support that is associated with the image of the "house", support by way of the family structure.

The family structure, depicted in the structural integrity of the sticks on which the house leans.

The space between

In the artwork the house doesn't lean on the strength of the large object below but rather relies on the fragile optimism of the stick figure.

The stick figure becomes the rock that supports the weight of the house.

The House

The front face you see is not the first floor, this house also has a section beneath that cant be seen from the front.

The proximity

Small, cosy yet rugged victorian style house with plenty of character, dwarfed by a 5 floor Apartment complex.

Sculpture, design and Layout, without the house blueprints I have to judge off the size of the door being a standard 2 meters then work from there. checking proportions and positioning to the objects around it.

The house is built out of matchsticks for a realistic final result. 

The matchsticks guide each slat placed to carry that authentic feel.

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