Lyle Adams

My name is Lyle Adams I am a South African born Visual Artist and photographer. I attended Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland New Zealand and received a Bachelor in Design and Visual Arts / Photography & Media Arts.

My photographic career has touched base with many forms of photography. I could argue that the journey through multiple mediums of photography helped mould my current style and body of work. I explored documentary, fashion and miniature photography. Having researched many surrealist painters during my studying at Unitec I tried to mould my work in the image of surrealist painters like Salvador Dali and Yves Tanguy, while always striving to recreate the mood intensive paintings of Mark Rothko. 

Being taught by many documentary photographers at Unitec my conceptual approach never stems far from a social issue weather it be domestic or global. 

My aim is to layer my work with multiple concepts allowing the viewers to immerse themselves in my artwork.

Currently, I am relishing in the challenges of portraiture, fashion and beauty photography.

If you're still reading this and if you're interested in the Artwork continue reading.

Having never done miniature model making prior to 2012 I evolved and adapted to the change. In my last body of work (2014) people found it hard to grasp what exactly it is I had done. The fact that it is all done in front of the camera, with no digital manipulation, adds its own set of anomalies. Building materials, lighting, issues of scale and space all become significant when you are recreating the world on a table top.

For more information on my work, to get in touch or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

All Artwork currently shown on this website to date has been produced and displayed in New Zealand.

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